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When you choose to work with an experienced product photographer, you are choosing to have more time, more money and more flexibility. When we work together, your vision is brought to life and you will see those new product photos capture the attention of your consumers more than you ever though before. Are you ready for more customers?

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Why build your business alone when you can add others to your tribe to help you succeed? We focus on the strategies and skills you need to develop before or during the beginning of your journeys, such as marketing, social media, and mental health.

In the weekly blog posts, we discuss everything you need to know to be the BOSS in your product based business and nothing less.

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I'm Glad We Could Meet

I’m Lia Biscardi. I am a native of Rochester, NY, known for garbage plates and Kodak. I grew up in Spencerport with my large Italian family. I was immersed in traditional Italian family valuables, including finding ways to celebrate every little win with food. I have a younger brother and many cousins.

I am currently living in Kinston, NC, enjoying the revitalized town. I am getting the most out of the North Carolina beauty by constantly traveling to the beach and the mountains to find hidden gems. I focus primarily on landscape and animals using a Canon DSLR. When I am not taking pictures, I enjoy many other hobbies, including baking, reading, traveling, and arts & crafts. My photography specialties include portrait, landscape, and product photography.


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